Thursday, March 26, 2009

Swing set Nirvana

1980s - 0303 Kids swinging - Vicky CarolynImage by ClintJCL via Flickr

Back in the day, the swing set I had as a kid was like the picture you see here. This kind of swing set held all sorts of dangerous fun for children like myself who went unsupervised for hours by mothers watching soaps and smoking cigarettes (oh, those were the days, huh?). While they were, uhhh, busy, we were trying our best to get our swing set to tip over by swinging with a passion rarely witnessed by adults.

Well, Dad Blogs is having an amazing giveaway to bring the joy back to many a kid. No, they're not giving away a vintage metal swing set ready to tip over at any moment. Yeah, I'm kinda disappointed too. But what they are giving away is an amazing play set from Kid's Creations. Kid's Creations is giving away their most popular play set model (shipping included!!), the Three Ring Adventure, to one lucky contestant of The Big Spring Contest at Dad Blogs and Dad Blogs is throwing in a Canon PowerShot SD1100 so the lucky winner can capture the kids doing all those dangerous things we got away with "in the olden days" as my son, god bless him, says.

So this bad boy is called "The Three Ring Adventure". And I'm thinking if they had the Three Ring Adventure back when I was a kid maybe the strong desire to tip over massive metal structures would have been squelched by pure safe fun. Ahhh, probably not - it's in my blood.

And, if I'm honest with myself (which I try to avoid at all cost), my son is half mountain goat and my daughter is half monkey. No, dear readers, this is not the post to go into their paternity issues as curious as you may be...this is all about the giveaway. And this giveaway would be perfect for Mountain goat and Monkey to honor their heritage. Plus, Dad and Mom can sit in Adirondack chairs with beverages of our choice (wink wink) and watch them, remembering the times we were able to tip that puppy over and laugh at them that they can't (plus breathing a sigh of relief all at the same time).

So get on over to Dad Blogs and check out the giveaway. And while you're there check out the site itself. There is an amazing bunch of talented writers to check out and become a part of...heck, it's not even a boys' club - women can join too!

Here's to those summer days we pushed the limits of childhood, joy, and freedom. And may you find it again this Summer.

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Mama Krit said...

awesome post, but my favorite is the memories that it brings back. :) Glad to know it wasn't just me. Love the swing picture by the way. Too cute!