Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's Hip Hop Baby!

We are getting our groove on in our little house today, thanks to It's Hip Hop Baby. My three year old, Anna, the minute I opened the package and showed her the DVD, immediately turned off her favorite cartoon and said, "Let's dance, mama!". So we did just that. Our dvd, Rockin' Dance Party, was about thirty minutes long, just long enough to hold little Anna's attention and long enough for Mama to realize she's really outa shape. Grrrr. Hip Hop Simon, a hip hop mouse, was our M.C. and Anna determined that he was not scary like another mouse we know whose first name begins with C and last name is Cheese. That's good because the dvd player would have been turned off quicker than you can say, "One more token... please?".

We danced to over eight songs over the thirty minutes. Anna decided her favorite was "Bathtime" because of all the bubbles and her least favorite was "Old McDonald" because they didn't dance. What I loved as an adult participating was the hip hop dance instructor, Miss Dre. She taught this old dog some new tricks! Now, I may have to watch it several times to perfect them but, no worries, I've got a 3 year old as an excuse to pop that baby into the dvd player and shake my groove thing.

Who Came up with this great idea?

After reading some background about why the company was created in the first place I was definitely sold on the concept. Candi Carter, a mom with a speech delayed son, found she was using music and rhythm to help her son communicate. It helped him follow instructions easier and learn words faster. My little guy, who is not so little now, is speech delayed and I wish I had this available to me back then. Inspired by her son, she set out to create the educational series "It's Hip Hop Baby" and having a career as a Emmy Award winning television producer for a nationally sindicated talk show (hmmm, I'm wondering if I can get some tickets?), helped her dream become a reality. These innovative videos have the educational content parents desire set to music and fun dance moves which helps kids to learn and reach developmental milestones more quickly.

Where Can I buy It's Hip Hop Baby?

It's Hip Hop Baby DVDs, CDs and T-shirts are available through their website and at Amazon. And right now Amazon has them on sale for $7.99! That, my dear readers, is a great deal! Thanks to It's Hip Hop Baby for giving me the opportunity to review such a great DVD! Now get on over to Amazon and get your groove on!

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