Saturday, February 7, 2009

What does you Love Bottle say?

One of my favorite product review blogs, Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls, is hosting a giveaway that is eco-friendly plus full of style and creativity. The company, Love Bottle, has a fantastic water bottle that you can personalize in so many ways! How do I count the ways...
  • Write directly on your bottle and express yourself!
  • Place silicon bands around the bottle to add color and words, and to improve grip.
  • You can choose stickers with a preprinted design or blank stickers that you can design yourself!
  • Start with a blank bottle, or a bottle with a printed design and design your own.
Putting style aside, these fantastic bottles are great for the environment and for your health. Avoiding using throwaway water bottles is one way of many we can contribute to taking care of our Mother Earth. Drinking water from a glass bottle ensures there are no harmful chemicals entering your body as you refuel yourself. The plus is you look fantastically hip while taking care of yourself!

So click now! Check out Love Bottle's website and become a hip healthy tree huggin' water drinker!
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