Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Your Zone - cool room at cool prices...gift card giveaway!

Mom knows it all, one of the Wal-mart More than Eleven Moms (how can I get into that group?), is hosting a fabulous giveaway...wait for it...

...A $500 gift card from Wal-mart!

I thought there had to be some gimmick like agreeing to work for Wal-mart for free or something ludicrous like that. But no, it's a simple giveaway like most blogs. All you have to do is check out the line of fantastic furniture, bedding and accessories called "Your Zone" and leave a comment about back at Mom knows it all about what two things you'd buy from Your Zone. It's that simple.

I like simple. And Your Zone makes it simple to decorate your children's rooms in a fashion forward way without breaking the bank. Both my kids need a redesign. Since we've moved to South Carolina my four year old girl's mattress is on the floor and my 8 year old's dresser got damaged in the move. So you can imagine they each need some TLC.

Here's my son jumping on his bed. As you can see in the background it's pretty dull. Your Zone would definitely brighten it up and make it more of a boy's room!

Here's to possibilities! Go on over to Mom knows it all get your own piece of possibility!
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